Turn your pet photos into AI-generated art

Receive 40 custom photos for just $4.99!

Raise the ruff with one-of-a-kind photos of your pet as a cartoon, a superhero, a watercolor and dozens of other paws-ibilities.

Powered by artificial intelligence, we use photos of your cat or dog and turn them into unique portraits you’ll have fur-ever – in about an hour!

Im-paws-ible? Not with AI Pet Adventures!

AI generated pet photos

How It Works

Do you have 20 photos of your cat or dog?

Of course you do! You probably took more than that today. The hardest part is picking just the purr-fect 20 to use.

Once you have the photos, your AI-generated pet art is just a few clicks away.

Just upload your photos, hit submit and – in about an hour – you’ll have an assortment of AI-generated pet photos delivered to you, featuring a mix of settings and styles crafted by our AI art team.

AI generated pet photos - before and after<br />

Step One

Upload 20 photos that we can use to train our artificial intelligence what your dog or cat looks like.

  • 10 of a closeup of your pet’s face
  • 5 from chest and up
  • 5 full body shots

Step Two

Our artificial intelligence engine, powered by stable diffusion, will use your photos to create a custom model of your dog or cat.

Using that custom model, it will create 40 images of your pet in random scenes, settings and styles.


If using the website, you’ll receive an email letting you know your custom photos are ready in about an hour with a link to download them.

If using the app, you’ll receive a notification your custom images are ready to view.

Paws-itively Stunning AI-Generated Pet Photo Transformations

These are real before-and-after results from just a few of our own pets.

Home Slide – Evie #1
Home Slide – Stella #1
Home Slider – Zoe #1
Home Slider – Charlie #1


Going Mutts for AI Pet Adventures

I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Only took a few minutes to upload a bunch of photos of Spuds. When I downloaded the final photos, I couldn’t stop laughing at him as a superhero. Smallest superdog ever!

Amy | New Jersey

Thank you! I found this site on Instagram and needed a gift for my sister’s birthday. She loved the pictures of her cat and is already figuring out how to print one out to get it framed.

Shellie | Ohio

My wife loves the computer photos of Flurry! The one that makes her look like a Pixar cartoon is the best. Thanks for helping me figure this out!

Mike | Georgia

I used one of these services for my own Facebook picture, but I never thought of doing it for my cat. I still can’t believe how easy it was and I have enough to post a different picture every day for a whole month. Will be back!

Dawn | New Jersey

Give Your Pet the Puparazzi Treatment for Just $9.99!

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