Data Policy

  1. Images of your pets are maintained for 30 days then removed from our servers. We do not sell or use your image data for any means other than training a custom AI model and for promotional purposes directly related to AI Pet Adventures (see number three below)
  2. Your custom AI Images are available for you to download for 30 days after rendering them for your convenience. We do not post links to your photos. They will then be removed from our servers after 30 days.
  3. You pet’s images may be used on our website, social media channels, and apps to promote our AI Pet Adventures. Your name will not be used and you will never be identified without prior notification.
  4. AI Pet Adventures grants you the exclusive rights to reproduce and display AI images created for you of your pet and will not resell assets that you have created, or assert any copyright in such assets against you or your end users, all provided that you comply with these terms. If you violate our terms or content policy, you will lose rights to use assets, but we will provide you written notice and a reasonable opportunity to fix your violation, unless it was clearly illegal or abusive. You understand and acknowledge that similar or identical assets may be created by other people using similar pet images, and your rights are only to the specific assets that you have created.

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